Taming the Freebie Hound

Digital sampling – also known as online sampling or e-sampling – is increasing its share of the overall sampling business and benefiting brands and retailers. However, there is a negative activity associated with digital sampling that is rarely discussed.

To find out what this negative activity is, how it hurts marketing programs, and what can be done about it, click on the screen below.

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A Unique Way to Assess Brand Equity

In today’s cluttered marketplace, brands are competing for the attention of consumers. Looking backwards and evaluating the present is no longer a winning formula. Looking forward is needed to evaluate the economic worth of brands.

But how is that done? Watch our webcast to find out.

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How E-Sampling Can Boost Brands and Retailers

Everybody loves product samples in stores. After all, having “lunch” in a Costco has become a favorite shopper activity. But consumers are spending more and more time online via PCs, tablets and smartphones. It’s no surprise that product sampling is flourishing in these environments. That’s where people are nowadays.

How can brands and retailers benefit for the increasing popularity of online sampling programs? Watch our Webcast  to find out.

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Privacy: Protecting Customer Data

Consumer confidence in a company’s use of their personal data is being questioned nowadays. If companies do not act quickly and decisively to demonstrate they have the consumer’s best interest at heart, they risk a continued erosion of confidence – with a direct impact on profitability. 

So the challenge for marketers is to win and maintain consumer trust. But that is easier said than done. According to a recent survey by LoyaltyOne, only 42% of consumers said they trust companies with their personal information.  

There are five rules of good data usage to protect and preserve the relationship of trust between consumers, their data, and companies. What are these five rules? Watch our Webcast to find out:

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Artificial Intelligence: Help or Hype?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to help you know exactly who your customers are, what they want to buy, when, where, and how.

If you are leading sales, merchandising, new product innovations, or operations, this probably sounds a bit like a fairy tale. Unfortunately, with the hype around AI, which too often ends up as a "multi-million dollar trail-of-tears science experiment," it sometimes is.

Join Deb Stambaugh of r4 for a can't miss conversation, rich with stories from industry leaders, about what the very real AI business opportunities are and why they wouldn't accept less than measurable, extremely fast, yet scalable business impact. Click on the screen below to view the presentation.:

Are Personalized Offers the Remedy
For Ineffective Trade Promotions?

Trade promotions have been a mainstay of the CPG and retail landscape for a number of years, but satisfaction has been decreasing. Manufacturers and retailers have been increasingly concerned about the effectiveness of trade promotions at the same time as trade spend budgets have been creeping up. Shoppers, especially younger shoppers, are showing a greater appetite for personalized offers that are delivered digitally. So are personalized offers the remedy for ineffective trade promotions?

Click on the screen below to view this presentation by Graeme McVie of Precima:

Data-Driven Strategies for Understanding
And Engaging Your Shoppers

A brand's targeted consumer may not always be their "true"-category shopper, and making this miscalculation can slow growth or reduce share.

This session from CPGmatters' Fall 2016 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference identifies the in-depth data that marketers need to understand about their shoppers in order to build data-driven retail plans, drive category growth, and optimize promotional plans to ultimately reach their "true" customer.

Click on the screen below to view this presentation:

A Playbook for ECommerce Measurement & Analytics

Listen in as Keith Anderson, SVP, Strategy & Insights at Profitero, and Justin Belgiano, VP Digital Measurement at Nielsen, discuss the importance of establishing key metrics that gauge e-commerce success, and share practical advice on how to effectively measure your brand's performance at the digital shelf.

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The Future of Digital and Loyalty Marketing

Join ProLogic’s Steve Avola and SUPERVALU’s Bill Lipsky as they discuss how SUPERVALU and its independent retailer partners drive value through loyalty and digital marketing. 

Bill covers SUPERVALU’s history with loyalty and digital marketing, with an emphasis on its application in a leading independent supermarket chain.  You’ll learn how a retailer can identify its top shoppers which provide the majority of its sales and profits and how the retailer can grow the purchases of these shoppers through targeted and personalized offers.

The session from our recent virtual LEAD Marketing Conference also addresses loyalty marketing’s role with new technologies, such as mobile apps and e-commerce platforms.

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How Strong Is Your Brand at the Shelf?

The way shoppers interact with a brand in-store provides strong clues on brand loyalty and the competitive landscape of a category. With new at-shelf behavior analytics technology it is now possible to detect if brand purchase decisions are made at-shelf or prior to reaching the shelf.

Using this new visibility into shopping behavior, we can define and compute indices such as “brand stability” and “at-shelf win rate”. We discuss how these exciting new metrics can be used by brand marketers to directly measure and optimize the impact of their marketing efforts.

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