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CART brings the Retail 3.0 vision to a live retail environment and educational center. Its mission is to enhance industry learning through hands-on, behind-the-scenes views into new and forthcoming technologies and discussion focused on changing business practices. For more information about CART, visit


CPGmatters is the only twice-monthly on-line publication covering the sales and marketing of consumer packaged goods (CPG) through retail. It defines CPG broadly as food, beverage, general merchandise, and health and beauty care. Now in its eigth year of publication, CPGmatters reports on category management, in-store marketing, loyalty marketing, trade promotion management, couponing, product trends, shopper insights, supply chain, and other topics. Featuring original reporting that can be found nowhere else, CPGmatters is written by experienced professionals who have each worked for decades for trade publications and who have each authored several business books. Access the current issue at


GSI US is a not-for-profit organization that brings industry communities together to solve supply-chain problems through the adoption and implementation of GS1 standards.

More than 200,000 businesses in 25 industries rely on GS1 US for trading-partner collaboration and for maximizing the cost effectiveness, speed, visibility, security and sustainability of their business processes. They achieve these benefits through solutions based on bar codes, GS1 global unique numbering and identification systems, Electronic Product Code-based RFID, data synchronization, and electronic information exchange. GS1 US also manages the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC). For more information visit


The Food Marketing Enterprise at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia consists of undergraduate and graduate studies, a cooperative education program with industry, research on critical issues, community outreach for the poor and hungry, and food industry summits. In recent years, the annual summits have focused on such topics as social media, e-commerce, and digital technology for profitable meals.

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VSN Strategies Retailativity™ Consulting helps technology and services companies position their solutions and communicate thought leadership to retailers and brand-marketers. They help solution providers, retail and marketing firms define shopper-driven business strategies and integrate these activities across multiple customer interactions.

VSN delivers educational workshops and keynote presentations covering a variety of subject matter areas relevant to merchants, marketers and solution providers around the world. VSN also delivers custom-written Gold Papers™ that shorten the sales cycle, help counter objections, and define the distinctive benefits of solution offerings. More information is available at

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AFS Technologies Inc. is the only end-to-end solution provider to the Food & Beverage and CPG Retail industry offering a powerhouse of complementary solutions that can streamline key business processes, provide value at every point of the supply chain, and deliver the eye-opening benefits of world-class integrated solutions with proven best practices. For more information visit


Precima, a LoyaltyOne company, uses shopper insights to enable more profitable merchandising and marketing decisions to help leading retailers and manufacturers increase sales and profits and build long-term customer loyalty.

Precima's unique combination of loyalty, analytics and retail industry expertise, honed over 18 years, has helped its clients evolve to become more shopper-centric.  Serving many of North America's leading companies, Precima is recognized for delivering measurable results tailored to retailers’ and manufacturers’ unique needs. More information about Precima can be found at


Quri provides an in-store view from the perspective of the shopper, empowering CPGs to improve execution and performance at the store level.Our Mission is to Fuel Performance Driven Merchandising™ decisions in every store, everyday. For more information, go to


VideoMining is the leading provider of in-store intelligence for consumer product manufacturers and retailers. VideoMining’s breakthrough measurement and analytics platform is based on patented, proprietary software for converting in-store video into rich statistical data on shopper behavior and demographics.  They provide consumer product manufacturers and retailers actionable insights into factors that impact shopper behavior—insights that allow clients to continuously optimize shopper marketing and merchandizing strategies.  For more information visit

Gladson, headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, is the leading provider of syndicated product images and information and category management services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and brokers. With more than 700,000 products, Gladson’s CPG database contains the most comprehensive product information available. Gladson clients use this information for advertising, shelf space management, category management, logistics, research and e-commerce applications such as online shopping and nutrition programs for consumers

Gladson also provides data analysis, consulting and in-store merchandising solutions that support efficient planogram implementation and increase product sales. For more information, visit and


InContext Solutions is the global leader in scalable cloud-based virtual reality (VR) shopping and retail solutions, dedicated to providing decision-critical insights for manufacturers and retailers. In a time when brick-and-mortar stores are being challenged by the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, InContext Solutions has revolutionized the way companies understand shopper behavior. More information is at


The most comprehensive provider of promotion settlement services, Inmar processes over 3.5 billion transactions annually and serves over 1,000 retailers, wholesaler and manufacturer clients.  Inmar’s services apply to all types of promotions and extend to every aspect of a promotion’s lifecycle, from planning to evaluation.  The digital promotions leader, Inmar offers ONiX, a digital incentive network that connects publishers and point-of-sale technologies to deliver retailers and brands a national footprint for digital promotion distribution, and Conexions, a transaction settlement platform for reconciling digital promotion offers.  For more information, visit


Profitero is the leading global provider of eCommerce Intelligence for retailers and brands, offering the largest reach and scale of online data collection in the industry. It provides both brick-and-mortar and online retailers with their competitors' prices, promotions and full product assortment information.

More than 50 global retailers, including Staples, Sam’s Club, Waitrose, Morrisons and Ocado, rely on Profitero's accurate and timely competitor intelligence to make better informed and more profitable pricing decisions. Profitero also supplies brands with critical eCommerce intelligence, helping to enhance their online sales and market positioning globally. For more information:


ProLogic has over 20 years of experience in loyalty marketing.  We work closely with our grocery retailers to understand their unique requirements and develop customized loyalty solutions aimed at increasing the retailers' sales and profits.  By combining our technology, consulting, customer support and marketing platform, we can help create a range of loyalty programs - from simple digital coupons to complex, targeted marketing campaigns. ProLogic delivers everything grocers need to enhance communications and build more profitable relationships with their customers For more information:


Relational Solutions specializes in implementing Demand Signal Repositories (DSR) for consumer goods companies. Their Enterprise DSR solution, POSmart, integrates data from all retailers, distributors, syndicated and other third party data providers, loyalty data and internal data such as shipments, orders, inventory information, etc. Companies leverage POSmart across many departments because it provides cross retailer executive reports as well as reports for  Supply-chain, Sales, Forecasting, Marketing, Promotions, Inventory, Manufacturing Teams and more. Their front end tool, BlueSky Analytics, provides interactive-reports for users to drag, drop, drill, sort, compare, etc. For more information, visit


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