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STILL AVAILABLE: The Essentials of Shopper Technology, the Shopper Technology Institute's first book. Click on book cover at right to see samples, reviews, and ordering information for the hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.
New Directions in Shopper Technology is the second book from the Shopper Technology Institute. Building upon the foundations of last year's Essentials of Shopper Technology, the book is divided into five sections: Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital and contains 19 essays on how mobile marketing, social media, sophisticated analytics, Big Data and the like are continuing to evolve.

Click on the cover at left to see samples and ordering information for the paperback and Kindle editions.
Surprise and Delight:
The Anti-Commodity

The basic theory for successful loyalty program design is
straightforward: Keep it simple, keep it relevant, and keep it
valuable for members. Today’s challenge lies in implementing this winning combination in an economy where loyalty currencies and benefits are quickly becoming commoditized.

At LoyaltyOne, we increasingly see that loyalty programs have become victims of their own success. As programs have proven their worth, adoption has grown. But hard on the heels of this growth have come competition, entitlement, and a growing number of discount and points aggregator sites catering to customer desire for deals.

Some programs, though, have been able to avoid these pitfalls and grow their loyal base of customers. And they have something in common: They all make that emotional connection through surprise and delight...
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Big Data Getting Bigger

Big Data is getting bigger, says a recent IDG Enterprise
survey of over 750 IT executives. Almost 50 percent of\respondents say they’re implementing Big Data projects,
or are planning to. Good News: More than one of five execs say their projects have improved both the quality and speed of decision making.
Bad News: About four of ten respondents say finding the right people for Big Data initiatives is a major challenge.

Discussion Questions:
Based on your experience and/or observation, what is the biggest benefit or advantage of Big Data? What is the biggest challenge? How would you sum up the state of Big Data usage in the CPG/retail industry?
Here’s what the experts have to say...
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Winning at the Digital Shelf:
Why and How
To Maximize Impact
Special Recording from the November 12 Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

Online is the fastest-growing channel of retail distribution, but it's also increasingly influential over offline sales. How can brand managers, eCommerce directors, and shopper marketers adapt their strategies and tactics to maximize the impact of their brands' online presence?

With fresh data on leading retailers including Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, Instacart and others, Profitero's VP, Strategy & Insights Keith Anderson shares guidance on how to manage online pricing, promotion, ratings & reviews, and more.

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And to view all the presentations from our recent virtual conference, click here.

Doubling Down on Double Coupons

One of the more fascinating aspects of retail – grocery in
particular – is the leveraging of “OPM” (Other People’s Money)
in a retailer’s marketing, merchandising and promotion plans.
A more formal industry term – let's call it the CPG’s Consumer
Promotion Dollars – may be accurate, but doesn’t offer a whole
lot of context. In addition to a retailer’s own trade activity and
investments, there is also a perpetual swirl of dollars and discounts available to shoppers that originate outside of the retailer’s own four walls (and often beyond their control): most often coming in the form of a (manufacturer-issued)
FSI coupon.

Let’s think about this for a moment...
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