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New Directions in Shopper Technology is the second book from the Shopper Technology Institute. Building upon the foundations of 2013's Essentials of Shopper Technology, the book is divided into five sections: Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital and contains 19 essays on how mobile marketing, social media, sophisticated analytics, Big Data and the like are continuing to evolve.

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How Can Brands
Be Better Partners
To Retailers Online?

By Cynthia Stephens

The times, they are a changin’. Today’s relationships between CPG companies and retailers are now often characterized by a new dynamic: A working partnership, as opposed to the strict vendor/buyer model of the past. How can your organizations forge the best partnerships, and capitalize on this important transformation?

There are some big changes afoot in the online retail industry, one of which is the nature of the relationships that CPG companies and retailers have with each other. Increasingly, brands and retailers are treating each other as partners – as equals in a symbiotic relationship – rather than conducting business as usual in their typical seller/buyer roles.

What does this new type of relationship look like?....
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The Keys to
Customer Engagement in a
Social Media World

By Duane Lyons

Unstructured customer data has been a kind of siren call to major companies, especially those in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail. Organizations have been struggling to leverage content from call notes, e-mails, audio files and other unstructured data sources for ages. The goal has always been robust, reliable customer profiles. The fullest profile – or most accurate truth – about a customer requires understanding data from all these sources. Marketers were on the quest for 360-degree customer views even before social media came along. However, in this new age of social media, the growth of available customer data has exploded.
Consumer insight drives brand positioning, pricing, product and service offerings, and customer experience execution...
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What's Wrong with CPG?

Special Recording from the May 13
  Virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

Industry pundits point to multiple factors that are accounting for the historically sluggish growth in the CPG industry: migration to online shopping or natural food outlets, cautious consumers, and excessive focus on price promotions.

Are those explanations accurate? Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO and Founder of the TABS Group, will review research derived from their own work, as well as third party sources, that repudiates each of these flawed conventions and identifies the real reason why the CPG industry is suffering such sluggish sales growth.

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