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Machine Learning +
Retail Execution =
Supercharged Store Visits
And DataAnalysis

Have you ever imagined how different your day would be if you had a dedicated personal assistant? Someone who could arrive early and stay late, doing the administrative legwork so that you could make the most of your time. Look no further than machine learning – an emerging technology that enables computers to learn from and make predictions about data without explicit instructions...

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Putting the Shopper into Shopper Marketing
Via In-Store Behavior Analysis

With the explosion of new and innovative marketing vehicles, there is no shortage of options for building a shopper marketing mix. Weeding through the clutter and choosing the right approaches can be arduous – particularly with incomplete information about the very shoppers you’re targeting.

Reliance on traditional consumer and sales data sources for Shopper Marketing decisions results in a massive data gap and missed opportunities to meet shopper needs. Learn how new, technology-enabled methodologies fill this gap by providing unprecedented access to the actual in-store shopping process.

Measuring and quantifying the behaviors of real shoppers in real stores empowers marketers to make more informed decisions and tailor their strategies to specific shopper groups leading to improved ROI from Shopper Marketing spending.

Click on the screen below to view the presentation by Rajeev Sharma and Jeff Hershey of VideoMining:

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LEAD Marketing Conference
Five Ways Virtual Reality
Disrupts Market Research

By Rich Scamehorn

Market research isn’t usually the first thing that jumps to mind when you think about technology and innovation. Sure, the internet has taken shopper insights leagues beyond mailed questionnaires and telephone surveys. But these days, innovation doesn’t have to stop there. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Disruptive technologies in the retail space are proving to be key differentiators for innovating market research processes. And virtual reality (VR) solutions, in particular, are already being used by forward-thinking manufacturers and retailers to gain a competitive edge in the saturated market of consumer packaged goods (CPG).
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