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STILL AVAILABLE: The Essentials of Shopper Technology, the Shopper Technology Institute's first book. Click on book cover at right to see samples, reviews, and ordering information for the hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.
JUST PUBLISHED: New Directions in Shopper Technology, the second book from the Shopper Technology Institute. Building upon the foundations of last year's Essentials of Shopper Technology, the book is divided into five sections: Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital and contains 19 essays on how mobile marketing, social media, sophisticated analytics, Big Data and the like are continuing to evolve.

Click on the cover at left to see samples and ordering information for the paperback and Kindle editions.
The Price of Consumer Data

Big Data is a hot topic these days. Big Data may be flowing into your analytics team at a record rate, but is its value flowing back out toward customers in a meaningful way? 

To find out and also learn why more consumers are saying they aren’t getting fair value in return for sharing their information with businesses, click on the image below and watch our webcast.

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A Portal to Relationships

As I spend ever more time with marketers in the
consumer packaged goods space, I find that their passion
for discovering more about their customers continues to
expand. They especially crave the chance to engage
customers in dialogues that foster a relationship. Wise marketers do want genuine open engagement and communication so they can better understand their customers and develop opportunities for new services and products based on what folks actually want.

The clever companies are recognizing much more frequently that product sampling is not just a terrific way to give people a chance to try the brand’s product, which we know from marketing science findings really is the best way to get someone to change their behavior...
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A Look at Today’s
Value/Dollar Shopper 

When was the last time you heard the word “fun” come
up when you speak with shoppers about their visits to
retail stores? Well, if you include the dollar store channel as an area of interest, you may be surprised at how often it is mentioned.

I’ve personally been involved in research covering this channel since its early years, and the evolution and growth I’ve seen in that time is phenomenal. It’s not about merchandise that “fell off the back of a truck.” With a current store count of about 25,000 and projected growth in the next decade to nearly 45,000 individual locations, these stores are definitely here to stay.

In fact, when we spoke with dollar store shoppers during VideoMining’s recent Value/Dollar Shopper Insights (VSI) study, almost all say that they will continue to shop in these stores even when their economic position improves....
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LEAD Marketing Conference
Goes Virtual

After four years, the annual LEAD Marketing Conference – with its focus on Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital – is recreating itself as a virtual event.

The live online conference, set for May 14, will enable the expected audience of 500
CPG and retail executives to take part without spending time away from the office or incurring travel expenses. They can attend the conference from the comfort of their office or home via steaming audio/visual. The event is designed to engage attendees via real-time interactive instant polls, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and presenter Q&A

After the conference, attendees will receive links to all session recordings and supplemental materials for on-demand viewing.

The full program of speakers and topics is being finalized now, and will be released in the coming weeks by the conference co-hosts, the Shopper Technology Institute (STI) and CPGmatters.com.

“The agenda will present critical issues and maintain the high standards of excellence set with our in-person conferences in past years. Attendees will not be disappointed,” said John Karolefski, executive director of STI and editor-in-chief of CPGmatters.com.

For more information: www.LEADMarketingConference.com.