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New Directions in Shopper Technology is the second book from the Shopper Technology Institute. Building upon the foundations of 2013's Essentials of Shopper Technology, the book is divided into five sections: Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital and contains 19 essays on how mobile marketing, social media, sophisticated analytics, Big Data and the like are continuing to evolve.

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Will Samsung’s ‘Connected’
Fridge Finally Succeed?

  By Supriya Chaudhury

  Samsung significantly upped the ante in terms of web-enabled home appliances with its launch of the Family Hub Refrigerator at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Family Hub is the third “smart” refrigerator to be released by Samsung since 2012. The first two models failed to garner much interest from consumers, but with its massive 21.5-inch touchscreen panel, the Family Hub is a significant advance from its predecessors in terms of technology at least...
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Loyalty Marketing:
Leveraging Data for Growth
And Shopper Engagement

Director of CRM at Remke Markets, Pat Iasillo, shares the ways in which Remke uses its loyalty platform to capture and analyze shopper purchase data to drive sales growth and increase shopper engagement. Pat offers examples of how Remke utilizes its loyalty data to gain valuable insights into the buying habits of its shoppers.

Remke is able to identify specific categories of shoppers, including top shoppers, new shoppers, lapsed shoppers and category-specific shoppers. Pat discusses how he leverages the data to build personalized targeted offers for shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and how those promotions drive sales growth by providing relevant offers to shoppers based on their individual needs. Click on the screen below to view:

And to view all the recordings from our November 11 virtual conference, click here.

Digital Coupons Evolving
To Reward Retailers

By Dan Kitrell

Innovative technology and shifting demographics are impacting how media are being consumed and how offers are being distributed.  However, the most desirable results are still achieved when the message is delivered while the shopper is receptive to the information, or better yet, while they are actively seeking information and making purchase decisions. 

Technology is making it possible to target specific shoppers with an individualized message or offer based on actual behavior...
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