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STILL AVAILABLE: The Essentials of Shopper Technology, the Shopper Technology Institute's first book. Click on book cover at right to see samples, reviews, and ordering information for the hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.
JUST PUBLISHED: New Directions in Shopper Technology, the second book from the Shopper Technology Institute. Building upon the foundations of last year's Essentials of Shopper Technology, the book is divided into five sections: Shoppers, Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital and contains 19 essays on how mobile marketing, social media, sophisticated analytics, Big Data and the like are continuing to evolve.

Click on the cover at left to see samples and ordering information for the paperback and Kindle editions.
Three Ways
Customer-Centric Companies
Beat the Competition
In business they say, “The customer is King.” But do
customers today really want to be Kings?

They certainly don’t act like it. From do-it-yourself banking to self-check-in at the airport and self-check-out at the grocery store, customers have taken on more of the work to get faster – and often better – service in return.

Online consumers aren’t sitting on thrones wearing crowns either. Every day they give up their personal information, provide useful feedback and ideas on products and services, and promote their favorite brands for free. In return, they want accurate real-time information, immediate responses, and quick and easy transactions on any device. But those aren’t king-size expectations; that’s just business today.

The relationship between business and customer has evolved. To be competitive now and win the consumer of tomorrow, companies need to adapt and connect with their customers in new ways...
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What’s Behind the Uptick
In Rebates?

Today’s retailers are challenged with remaining price
competitive while attempting to build loyalty. These two
things can be difficult in an era of showrooming and other
deal-seeking behavior. Traditional sales and everyday-low-
price strategies have eroded margins and created
consumer fickleness. Re-enter rebates. They are a smarter promotional strategy for retailers looking for new avenues for customer acquisition and loyalty.

In 2013, a number of well-known retailers started using rebates. In fact, more than 2,500 retail locations on our client roster alone now offer rebates on products as diverse as electric toothbrushes, house paint, luggage, computers and large appliances...
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More Proof That
Digital Sampling Works 

In the era of Big Data, the notion of executing programs in
a scan-based targeting and analytics frame has become
available to the sampling market. What that means is that
by using behavioral data (purchases a consumer makes in
a particular set of stores), we can understand how those purchases are tied to the individual. Then we can aggregate that information and look at how the sampling tactic impacted in the marketplace....
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