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The Little Book of Big Data is the third book from the Shopper Technology Institute. The book is divided into four sections: Loyalty, Engagement, Analytics and Digital. Thought leaders have shared their insights and vision. Merchants and marketers will learn the essentials of Big Data and then move forward to understand the more complex
issues involved.

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Assessing the Opportunities
Of Big Data

By Mark Osborn

Big Data refers to the ever increasing volume,
velocity, granularity and variability of data now available. For consumer products (CP) specifically, Big Data represents an enormous opportunity to leverage new and different types of data to accelerate consumer-driven innovation, rationalize sourcing and procurement, optimize manufacturing, streamline supply chain and reach, and engage and serve customers and consumers alike. To
begin to assess the opportunities associated with Big Data, let’s consider each of its dimensions....
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How CPGs Can Drive Sales
In E-Commerce

By Rupert Naylor

E-commerce sales for consumer goods companies have risen by 42 percent in the last year, a substantial figure in an industry that is experiencing only ~2 percent growth overall. Some companies like electronic goods have been naturally well positioned to thrive in this channel as consumers are comfortable purchasing these items online. However, consumer packaged goods companies that primarily sell consumables and impulse items such as snacks and beverages face more challenges online. These companies often rely on unplanned, in-store purchases. So it becomes harder to encourage consumers to add these products to their online baskets...

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Five Trade Fund Reports
A CFO Can’t Live Without

By Rick Pensa

Not all Trade Promotion Management (TPM) reports are
created equal. Highly-accessible analytical reports designed
to accelerate insights and drive profitable decision-making are generating a new competitive advantage among Consumer Goods (CG) manufacturers.

With the right technology solution, a busy CFO can replace hours of compiling spreadsheet formulas in favor of instant business intelligence. A couple quick clicks can reveal if a promotion turned a profit or if any trade dollars were left on the table. Beyond time savings, fully automated promotional analysis reports arm CFOs with data visualization tools, drill-down forecast capabilities and top line consolidated views of the entire business.

To evaluate trade spend effectiveness and profitability quickly and easily, here are a core set of trade fund reports a CFO simply can’t live without...
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