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An Update on the GS1 US
Retail Grocery Initiative

By Angela Fernandez

In this new “age of the consumer,” shoppers want
access to more information about the products they
buy, and CPG brands are working hard to cater to
consumers’ concerns about health, sustainability and
convenience. Couple this with retailers reeling from
Amazon’s bid for Whole Foods, and it’s no wonder
CPG companies are avidly pursuing more digitization and efficiency to maintain loyalty regardless of sales channel.

The GS1 Retail Grocery Initiative has been an open forum designed for CPG companies, distributors, retailers and solution providers to make sense of emerging trends and identify new business priorities....In just three years, the Initiative has made progress in four key topics that will bolster the CPG industry as it faces unprecedented changes...

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Dominating E-Commerce Search

Search is a driver of the now-famous “flywheel effect” at Amazon and other online retailers: products that place well in search results tend to sell more, and products that sell more tend to place better in search results.

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson discusses how findability is fundamental to eCommerce success, and provides guidance on:

  • Prioritizing the most relevant, frequently searched product keywords
  • Optimizing your products for retailer search rankings
  • Understanding the key drivers influencing Amazon’s organic search rankings

Click on the screen below to view the presentation.:

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Our May LEAD Marketing Conference
Should Social Media Sites
Police Themselves?

By Janet Dorenkott

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, I've heard
several media outlets talk about making social media
sites like Facebook and YouTube responsible for
removing groups and posts that promote terrorist
activities. They almost seem to point the finger at them, partially blaming them for these disasters.

They ask if it's possible for social media sites to remove groups and posts that promote violence. The answer to that is Yes....The real question is not “Can social media sites police themselves and shut down these sites?” It’s, “Should they?” In my opinion, the answer is "No."...
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