Coupons Drive Changes in Purchasing Behavior: Inmar Survey  

The 2018 Inmar Shopper Behavior Study found that among shoppers who used coupons during their regular shopping trips, 83 percent reported that coupons were a reason for differences in their purchasing behavior. More specifically:

  • 39 percent bought a product sooner than planned because of a coupon
  • 50 percent of shoppers clip digital coupons while shopping in-store
  • 39 percent bought a brand they otherwise would not have normally purchased because of a coupon and 18 percent switched back to another brand they have purchased previously because of a coupon
  • 38 percent bought more than they would have otherwise because of a coupon.

“Shoppers begin planning for their shopping trips well before stepping inside a location, so retailers must consider the entire planning phase when offering coupons, including when they are in the store,” said David Mounts, CEO and Chairman of Inmar. “Eighty-six percent of those we surveyed said they create a shopping list before leaving for the store, and 62 percent said they purposefully look at the store circular for coupons to pair with their shopping list. It’s no secret that retailers who emphasize coupon distribution will have a greater chance to sway a consumer into making a purchase in their favor. It’s a win-win for the shopper and the retailer.”

Eighty-two percent of shoppers surveyed said they redeem a digital coupon within a week or less of being clipped and 30 percent say they redeem the coupon in less than 24 hours.

“Shoppers continue to demand efficiency, convenience, and effortless shopping, but these wants certainly transcend the in-store experience,” said Mounts. “Deeper relationships between retailers and consumers through personalized, proactive communications enhance the experience, before, during and after a purchase is made. These touchpoints drive loyalty and encourage repeat visits and purchases.”
Personalized offers encourage purchases, and shoppers now expect retailers to know them, understand what they buy, and anticipate upcoming shopping needs.

AFS Technologies Launches Electronic Proof of Delivery Microsite

AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is pleased to announce that it has launched.

A new microsite for its electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) software solution for food and beverage manufacturers has been launched by AFS Technologies.

The microsite offers an end-to-end consumer goods platform with solutions for warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, order management, proof of delivery, trade promotion, retail execution, mobility, analytics, customer management, and more.

The new microsite at contains short videos, blog posts identifying the key features of ePoD, and links to AFS specialists and related LinkedIn sites. The site also offers a digital flipbook that links to more information about ePoD and its sister products.

AFS ePoD is a mobile application that enables superior results across critical business processes such as route creation/selling and loading/delivery, along with reconciliation of all route activities. Business processes related to pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting and settlement are both streamlined and better integrated.

Meijer Unveils Shop & Scan Program
Meijer’s new checkout program gives customers another way to shop its stores and save time. The program, called “Shop & Scan” enables users to scan bar codes on items as they shop and bag their groceries while they move through the store, dramatically decreasing checkout time. It will available at all 235 Meijer stores by the end of the summer.

“Shop & Scan will make the Meijer experience dramatically faster and more convenient for our customers,” said Terry Ledbetter, Chief Information Officer for Meijer. “This technology joins our curbside pickup and home delivery programs to provide yet another option for Meijer customers to personalize their shopping experience.”

The Shop & Scan technology works with Meijer’s popular mPerks program via a free app that customers can download through the App store. Once a customer has completed their shopping, they simply scan their phone at a self-checkout lane and pay, making the checkout experience quick and easy. All Meijer Apps can be found by searching for “Meijer” in the Apple or Android app stores
Meijer launched the initial pilot of the Shop & Scan service in November at Grand Rapids, Mich.-area stores in Standale, Rockford, Walker, Grandville, and Jenison, and two stores in Holland, Mich. Since then, more than 12,000 Meijer customers have downloaded the app.

Whole Foods to End Rewards Program

Whole Foods is closing its existing shopper rewards program and folding everything into Amazon Prime. The grocer advised shoppers to redeem any unused rewards before the program ends on May 2.

The move was expected. A 2017 press release stated, “Amazon Prime will become Whole Foods Market’s customer rewards program, providing Prime members with special savings and other in-store benefits."

In a related development, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in a letter to shareholders that the company has for the first time exceeded 100 million Prime members globally. Last year, the company added more Prime members than ever.

“We’ve also begun the technical work needed to recognize Prime members at the point of sale and look forward to offering more Prime benefits to Whole Foods shoppers once that work is completed,” Bezos wrote.

AMEX Ends Plenti Frequent Shopper Program

American Express is ending its ambitious Plenti frequent shopper program on July 10 when Plenti points will expire.
Launched in 2015, the program aimed to involve multiple companies and brands. Its high-profile partners included RiteAid, ExxonMobil and Macy’s. Shoppers could even use a Plenti credit card that earned points for every dollar charged to the card.

The program lost many key sponsors last year, and analysts sensed the ending was near.

Snak King Adopts Food Safety Solution

One of the largest snack food manufacturers in the US is automating its supplier documentation to save time, reduce risk and protect consumers.

Snak King, based in Industry, Calif., is adopting the ReposiTrak Compliance Management System to automate the documentation of its extensive supplier network.
David Phuong, Quality Assurance Director for Snak King, said, “Using ReposiTrak’s Optical Character Recognition to scan and filter the required documentation our suppliers upload will be immensely valuable in saving time and ensuring greater compliance that will ultimately protect our consumers.”

ReposiTrak, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Park City Group, is the world’s only company with a sourcing, compliance management and advanced commerce platform for retailing. It provides food retailers and suppliers with a robust solution to help them protect their brands and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements.