Multi-Dimensional Use of Data and Analytics
In CPG Marketing

Data and analytics has become a marketer’s most powerful tool. Without knowing how to leverage your consumer data, your recommendations are just guesses.

Take a peek behind the curtain with Luckie to see how to turn insights into revenue by learning how brands like Brown-Forman, Cetahil and Little Debbie leveraged data and analytics to drive demand in the CPG marketplace. Just click on the screen below to view this presentation:

Using Artifical Intelligence
To Personalize the Grocery Shopping Experience

With increasing competition from both pure play and non-traditional retail giants, independent grocers and regional chains need to constantly evolve to increase shopper retention and grow the bottom line. The key to retention and growth is personalization: delivering the right offer, to the right shopper, at the right time.

In this presentation from the November 2017 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference by Merrick Rosner of AppCard, you will learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are giving independent grocers and regional chains the power to automate and personalize their marketing communications like the big guys. Click on the screen below to view this presentation:

Why Your Brand Needs VR Now

It's clear now that the way we shop has shifted. As the lines between in-store and online retail channels blur, today’s retailers and brands should be focusing on innovation, and bringing shopper experience front and center.

Virtual reality solutions for retail are solving those major pain points for many of today’s savvy retailers and manufacturers. Join InContext Solutions VP of Client Development, Anil Taneja, as he details how InContext’s enterprise VR platform, ShopperMX™, allows users to ideate, evaluate and activate new in-store concepts; bringing them to market in a fraction of the time and for the fraction of the investment.

Click on the screen below to view this presentation from our recent virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

Gaining Share
In the Disruptive E-Commerce Environment

Virtually all CPG companies, manufacturers and retailers are struggling to grow. Margins are under severe pressure. Now e-commerce is further disrupting the marketplace and, in some categories, has over 20% of the volume.

To grow in this environment, companies must take share from competitors and must learn faster than ever before. Every company needs a new learning plan to drive a new strategy.
Click on the screen below to view the presentation by industry expert Gordon Wade from our recent virtual LEAD Marketing Conference:

Dominating E-Commerce Search:
Keys to Getting Found at the Digital Shelf

Search is a driver of the now-famous “flywheel effect” at Amazon and other online retailers: products that place well in search results tend to sell more, and products that sell more tend to place better in search results.

Profitero's SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson discusses how findability is fundamental to eCommerce success, and provides guidance on:

  • Prioritizing the most relevant, frequently searched product keywords
  • Optimizing your products for retailer search rankings
  • Understanding the key drivers influencing Amazon’s organic search rankings

Click on the screen below to view the presentation:

The Bold Approach to Couponing
That Brands SHOULD Be Taking

Leveraging paid search on Amazon.Technology has created many new couponing options, and most brands are adding these tools incrementally vs. taking a results-oriented approach to setting their promotion strategy. What's holding brands back? Brands recognize the volume spike they see with traditional newspaper coupons, but most share payout concerns.

This presentation by Chris Frericks of Quotient explores how brands could be extracting benefits from new coupon vehicles to move more volume while reducing overall coupon investment. Click on the screen below to view the presentation.:

The Importance of Forecast Accuracy Metrics

This presentation by Joel Cartwright of AFS Technologies addresses the importance of analyzing the accuracy of TPM forecasting, and the downstream impacts and opportunities within a manufacturer's supply chain.

In addition, the presentation speaks to the impact of forecast accuracy, and its impact to the general ledger. Finally, it addresses what is an acceptable forecast accuracy metric, as recognized from within the industry. Click on the screen below to view the presentation.