Hershey Leverages Shopper Behavior Analytics   

The Hershey Company is staking its place in the future of category management by putting the shopper into the process via in-store behavior analytics.

‘We think this is game changing for the convenience channel,” said Alan Tobin, Senior Manager, Category Strategy & Insights, The Hershey Company. “It really changed the game for us for merchandising and advising the retailer in [the confection] category,” he said in a presentation at the CMA annual conference in Las Vegas recently.
Hershey’s technology partner for shopper behavior analytics is VideoMining Corp., with whom Hershey has worked for nine years. 
“There is a big gap between consumer data and buyer data,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining Corp., who spoke with Tobin. “That gap is in-store behavior. Who is shopping? Were they exposed? Did they engage? Why did or didn’t they buy?  Filling this gap is critical for shopper-centric strategies.”

The executives said the availability of in-store behavior data and corresponding analytics empowers the next generation of category management.

At the conference, VideoMining unveiled a product called ShopperImpact@. It uses granular in-store behavior data and analytics at the retailer account level to empower shopper-centered practices in category management and shopper marketing. The platform uses proprietary IoT sensing devices called OmniSensR and patented machine learning and AI technologies to capture, analyze and interpret big data on in-store shopper behavior from a representative panel of stores.

“This new platform will enable access to ongoing retailer-specific data and tools needed to bring shopper-centric approaches to retailing, including enhancement of the scorecarding and assessment steps as recommended by CatMan 2.0,” said Sharma.
Tobin said getting the primary aisle location right is critically important to the success of the retailer’s candy category. Almost two of three shoppers (64 percent) obtain candy in its primary location in the store, while slightly more than a third (36 percent) obtain candy at secondary locations such as the front counter and other locations.

AppCard Acquires ProLogic Retail Services

AppCard, a leading personalized marketing and shopper analytics platform for retailers, has acquired ProLogic Retail Services, the largest provider of loyalty marketing solutions for independent grocers.
Yair Goldfinger, Co-Founder and CEO of AppCard, said, “By uniting ProLogic’s best-in-class loyalty platform with AppCard’s data-driven, machine learning marketing engine, we are creating a joint platform that will guarantee our retailers the ability to continue growing their businesses while remaining competitive in this ever-changing landscape.”

Following the acquisition, AppCard will be processing approximately 500 million transactions per year and reach more than 17 million households, which represents one eighth of the US households.

Ross Ely, President and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services, said, “AppCard’s technological strength coupled with ProLogic’s knowledge and experience in the independent grocery industry will create a powerful industry player that delivers tremendous value to its customers.”

Unilever Opts for D2C Delivery of Hellmann’s Dressings

Unilever will deliver Hellmann’s dressings direct to consumers via Quiqup, an on-demand delivery service, within one hour of an online order. It is the first foray into the direct-to-consumer space for Hellmann’s.

Unilever is targeting shoppers likely to make impulse purchases. The service lets consumers choose their favorite recipe and get all the fresh ingredients delivered to them directly within an hour.

“We recognized that consumers are looking to technology to help make their cooking and eating habits quicker and easier. By offering consumers the opportunity to directly shop the Hellmann’s recipes, we free up consumers’ time to focus on what they enjoy most – the pleasure of eating great tasting food. As a brand that originated in a deli, it’s an important opportunity for us to return to direct-to-consumer servicing,” said Joanna Allen, Global Brand VP for Hellmann’s.

T. Marzetti Launches Web Site for Meal Ideas

T. Marzetti Company, the specialty food company, has launched a web site called What’s for Dinner ( as a mealtime inspiration destination. It brings together inspired meal ideas from some of the nation’s top foodists, kitchen tips and technique videos, as well as recipes from the entire family of T. Marzetti Company’s brands.

What’s for Dinner uses an easy quiz to help busy meal seekers find inspiration, ingredients and instructions. The platform includes live recipe and technique videos, more than 750 detailed recipes, with more continually added. A collaborative partnership with the popular site DishWorks ( insures that new ideas, recipes, photography, content and expert culinary advice are continually being added.

“For the first time in more than 100 years, every brand in the T. Marzetti Company family of brands is collaborating and sharing on one common platform, with one common mission,” said Stefanie Coffman, Sr. Manager of Digital & Consumer Services. [The web site] represents the future of T. Marzetti Company as a company grounded in the fundamental belief that, as a society, preparing and sharing a meal is vital to our collective health, happiness and future.”

The company, a subsidiary of Lancaster Colony Corporation, markets a wide variety of specialty foods for both the retail and foodservice markets. Brands include Marzetti Dressings and Dips, New York Bakery, Sister Schubert’s, Flatout, Reames and Angelic Bakehouse.

Iberia Foods Adopts Food Safety Solution

Iberia Foods is deploying ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System to manage records from their upstream suppliers. The company, originally called Joseph Victori & Company, began selling olives in the 1930s. Today, Iberia Foods has expanded its product portfolio to service Hispanic and Caribbean consumers by importing the tastes of their homes .

“We were looking for a cost-effective solution that would automate the management of our supplier records and ensure Iberia can comply with FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements,” said Elvin Santiago, Purchasing Director of Iberia Foods.

ReposiTrak, a wholly owned subsidiary of Park City Group, helps manage regulatory, financial and brand risk associated with issues of safety in the global food, pharma and dietary supply chains. The platform consists of two systems: Compliance Management, which not only receives, stores and shares documentation, but also manages compliance through dashboards and alerts for missing or expired documents; and Track & Trace, which quickly identifies product ingredients and their supply chain path in the unfortunate event of a product recall. It can reduce the risk in the supply chain by identifying backward chaining sources and forward chaining recipients of products in near real time.