VideoMining Launches ShopperImpact Platform for C-Store Retailers

VideoMining Corporation, a provider of in-store behavior analytics for CPG and retail, has released its new ShopperImpact Platform and a range of analytics solutions created specifically for c-store retailers.

The latest offering leverages VideoMining’s successful industry tracking program, C-store Shopper Insights (CSI) MegaStudy, and a breakthrough new “OmniSensR” technology to create a solution tailored for c-store operators.  OmniSensR devices incorporate video, mobile (Wi-Fi, beacon) and multiple other data sources to enable new ongoing analytics such as loyalty, demographics, pump-to-store conversion along with deep analytics of in-store behavior and purchase basket. 

“Our CSI program revealed that there are strong opportunities for C-Store retailers to improve performance by targeting of their efforts through a better understanding of their shoppers,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder and CEO of VideoMining. “Our ShopperImpact platform is designed to meet that need and provide retailers with continuous feedback on their marketing, merchandising and store innovation efforts to help them succeed in this competitive industry.”   

The convenience channel is among the most dynamic in all of retail, and recent years have opened doors to opportunities in variety of areas. Specifically, investments in foodservice, ever-growing assortments and innovations to increase Pump-to-Store conversion have made the need for understanding shoppers even more urgent.

VideoMining’s CSI MegaStudy program, which has been growing in scope for nearly a decade, has become the industry standard for developing foundational insights and best practices for store design, merchandising and shopper marketing. Yielding a wide range of available reports and opportunities for custom studies, the MegaStudy is based on the analysis of behaviors of tens of millions of shoppers each year.

The ShopperImpact Platform expands on the CSI MegaStudy by enabling year-round measurement of in-store shopper behavior and characteristics for individual retailers. In addition, the solutions enabled by the ShopperImpact Platform are delivered through a new, intuitive cloud-based interface. A customizable online portal provides easy access to tailored application modules aimed at:

  • Optimizing store design and space utilization
  • Improving Pump-to-Store conversion
  • Innovating in Shopper Marketing and Merchandising
  • Maximizing the most loyal shoppers
  • Tailoring offerings to key segments like Millennials and Hispanic shoppers
  • Providing a framework to test and refine new ideas.

“We have been working closely with our retailer clients to fine-tune our new offering and to provide them easy ways to get started without upfront investments,” said Sharma. “Whether you are a small chain of 20 stores or a large chain operator, the ShopperImpact platform provides rapid ROI by helping you align with your core shoppers and attracting new ones.”

AFS ePoD 2.0 for Android Allows Users to Master the Business of Delivery

AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, has announced the latest release of its electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) application for Android.

AFS ePoD 2.0 for Android enables real-time delivery automation with paperless proof of delivery, ensuring food safety with the certainty that the correct product went to the correct customer at the correct time. ePoD facilitates one-up, one-down traceability with track and trace capability.

This mobile application is used by drivers to verify delivery and automate data capture in real-time, providing the distribution center with valuable intra-day intelligence and visibility into order adjustments, returns, credits, cash collection/deposits/credit card processing, driver performance, and GPS monitoring that otherwise might not be available until the next day – if at all.

Developed for the Android platform, the software allows users to boost operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

New Gladson CEO Announces Client-Centric Focus

Gladson, the leading provider of product information and related services to the consumer goods industry, has named Paul Salay as the new CEO. The announcement signals the next step in the evolution of this long-standing service provider to a client-centric focus in both its solution development and customer support.

“Gladson has a great history, an enviable client roster and a recognized reputation for service,” said Salay. “We know how important accurate and timely product information is to our clients and we will be hyper focused on evolving the company to better support our clients’ needs in the fast-moving Product Information Management (PIM) industry. I look forward to working with my management team to create innovative new solutions to address our clients’ greatest needs as they run their businesses.”

Salay joins the company after 25 years in the SaaS and Technology Enabled Services industry, working with a variety of companies to help them refine their go-to-market strategies while innovating and setting new industry standards for service and capabilities.

“We have a very exciting opportunity to serve our clients’ evolving needs in the marketplace, building forward-thinking solutions that only Gladson is uniquely positioned to do,” Salay said.

He joins the team from Cision, a leading provider of media communications, technology and analytics software, where he served as Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to that he served as President of Market Track, LLC, the leading provider of subscription-based advertising, brand, and pricing intelligence solutions. While there, he led a significant period of growth and expansion for the organization, building the business into a diversified solution that is now recognized as the marketplace leader in promotional, eCommerce, and brand advertising tracking solutions.

Salay’s addition to the Gladson team comes on the heels of The Wicks Group, a New York-based private investment firm, acquiring the company in January, which signaled the first step in the progression of the long-standing brand to a client-first approach.

“We are excited for Paul to lead the Gladson team in this next phase of growth, developing new capabilities that will provide additional value to the company’s clients,” said Thomas Kearney, Principal of The Wicks Group. “His domain expertise with retailers and brand manufacturers as well as his extensive technology and e-Commerce background are the mix we needed to move Gladson forward.”

Profitero Expands to Japan

E-commerce analytics company Profitero now offers digital shelf analysis for both global and local brands in Japan.

The company has begun producing its FastMovers reports, which rank the best-selling products across key categories on, and also has extended its alliance with global performance management company Nielsen to deliver tailored e-commerce solutions to support the Japanese market.

Profitero is packaging e-commerce insights tailored to the market which, according to A.T. Kearney, is the fourth-largest e-commerce market behind China, the U.S. and the UK. The company recently added Amazon Japan to the Amazon FastMovers report series, which is released monthly to show which products have the best sales performance across key categories.

An increased focus on Japan is also important to Profitero’s strategic alliance with Nielsen, which already offers Profitero’s Digital Shelf 360 product suite to its global brand clients, helping correlate online performance with actual sales data. Despite having the world’s second-highest digital buyer penetration (82%), Japan’s online activity is geared toward local merchants and the country still has one of the lowest cross-border buyer penetration rates in the world, according to eMarketer.

ProLogic Loyalty Platform Now Available on IT Retail POS System

ProLogic Retail Services, the largest provider of loyalty marketing solutions to independent grocers, and IT Retail, the leading POS system for independent grocers, have announced that  ProLogic’s loyalty solution is now available for grocers using the IT Retail POS.

ProLogic’s technology enables grocers to understand the dynamics of their shoppers, organizing shoppers into key segments including top shoppers, new shoppers, high-potential shoppers and lapsed shoppers. With this information, ProLogic works with retailers to create targeted personalized offers to influence the behavior of individual shoppers and groups of shoppers.

IT Retail provides grocery retail POS and back office software that is reliable, scalable and easy to use.  The systems were designed by grocery IT professionals to address the unique requirements of the independent grocer.  To date, IT Retail has sold over 40,000 licenses for their products.

“ProLogic is extremely pleased to partner with IT Retail,” said Ross Ely, President and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services. “Independent grocers have been asking us to integrate with the IT Retail POS system and we now have the ability to meet this demand.”

Bob Henry, CEO of IT Retail, said “IT Retail looks forward to our partnership with ProLogic. We can now offer ProLogic’s loyalty capabilities to our customers using the IT Retail POS system.”